Rob Hare, Hudson Valley Furniture Maker

Rob Hare

Ulster Park, New York

40 years ago I started out after lots of school to be a sculptor and I pursued this dream for 20 years while also doing carpentry, welding and home construction to make ends meet. My clients would see my sculpture in wood and metal and say: “If you can make that you could make me” a table or dresser or chairs or displays. They were right. I could and did and gradually I came to realize that completing my formal training with a Master’s Degree in Sculpture from the University of Cincinnati in 1974 now seems to have been only a small introduction to the world of making things. In my 35 years of involvement with the three-dimensional world, I have worked professionally as a sculptor, teacher, draftsman, metal worker, foundry man, woodworker and furniture maker. Each piece you see on this site is custom designed and hand built.

It is my hope you will enjoy living with your furniture as much as I enjoy conceiving and building it.

I love making things and hope to convey that pleasure and share it with you. I have found that an important part of the client/maker relationship is trust. Although a contract can be both reassuring and a framework upon which trust can develop, trust given and respected beyond a contract can make the creation of the most complex project an enjoyable process.

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